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Battlelands Royale Hack 2019 – The Fastest Way To Get Bucks And Gems

battlelands royale hack

Battlelands Royale puts an adorable spin on the battle royale gaming genre through its hilariously cartoony game design that you’ll never get bored of. This will satisfy your need for an addicting multiplayer shooting game with graphics that are very easy on the eyes!

Much like similar games such as Fortnite, Battlelands Royale starts you off in the skies where you are then dropped down into the map, and you can navigate your way to whichever spot you prefer to land on.

There is plenty to collect inside the arena. Different types of gear, weapons, and ammunition are randomly placed all throughout the map. And you have a limited inventory, so don’t be afraid to swap out your current equipment for better loot. Remember to try out our popular Battlelands Royale Hack that will help you out with the gameplay and make it easier for you to get to the top! Having access to unlimited free gems and bucks is a must now days! Here are also a few tips and tricks to set yourself up for success:

battlelands royale hack

Avoid Early Player Engagements

Try to get decent gear first before you go looking for a fight. Otherwise, things could end pretty quickly for you. Keep a sharp eye out for armor, because this is a lifesaver in tough situations. This game also offers plenty of customization to make your character very much your own. Use the Battlelands Royale hack apk we can provide so you can unlock the skins you want for your favorite character!

If you ever encounter another player at the start of a match, try to avoid them the best you can, especially if you haven’t picked out a weapon yet. But if you already have a weapon, and you’re decently geared, you could try your luck if you’re feeling confident. The thing is, whenever you kill players near the start of the match, chances are, you won’t get much loot from them. That’s why we discourage early player engagements.

If you get yourself injured early into the game, don’t worry too much. Unlike other games of the battle royale genre, Battlelands Royale actually has quite a substantial amount of health packs in the map. Just lay low for a while, and search for health packs to heal. The Battlelands Royale Hacks we have developed won’t help out much in terms of gameplay, but at least it’ll help you look your best by providing you with your desired skin.

Gameplay Mechanics And Features

The controls for the game are pretty straightforward. You control your character through the joystick on the left of your device’s screen, and the controls for aiming or shooting are on the right. That’s all you really need to know as there are no other controls you have to worry about. You pick up loot and equipment by running through them, so there’s no need to pick them up one by one manually. Battlelands Royale provides countless hours of multiplayer fun that provides a thrilling experience for every match you play. Each session is pretty fast-paced and could be finished in less than 10 minutes. The graphics are very well designed and won’t strain your eyes. You could also customize your characters with skins you can buy with real-world money, or you could get them for free with the help of our useful Battlelands Royale Hack Tool.

Right after landing on the map, try to get yourself a weapon as fast as possible. There are a few types of guns that are hidden all over the map, so be sure to scour each corner for them. Eventually, you’ll be able to spot the type of weapon you want from a mile away. You also need to be aware of the amount of ammo you have, and any compatible ammunition you find will be automatically loaded into your gun. Shields will give you more room to get shot at without dying, while health kits, like most games, will raise your hp. You can also expand your character’s wardrobe for free by looking for Battlelands Royale Cheats that are available online.


This is an absolutely fantastic game, and it’s free to boot. You don’t need to shell out any cash in order to win; this game relies on pure skill. You only ever need to spend money if you want to customize your character. But we have found a way to bypass that by developing a Battlelands Royale Hack Online version that will unlock every character, skin, and weapon for no charge, so be sure to check it out! All of these are purely for cosmetics purposes and won’t affect the gameplay. That’s why this game is so popular and well-received by many.

You could buy the game’s Battle Pass to get access to the latest skins and additional Bucks and Gems currency. The thing is, you can use the currency you get from your Battle Pass to buy a whole new Battle Pass, essentially giving you unlimited Battle Passes at no extra cost!

There’s also a free type of Battle Pass available to every player. Granted, it doesn’t give out as many rewards as the paid Battle Pass; it’s still quite a substantial amount of currency and skins. With the currency you get from a free Battle Pass, you can eventually save up enough currency to get a paid Battle Pass by the succeeding season.

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battlelands royale hack

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